Chinese Gold Farmers tells all

As you know i’m crazy about a game called World Of Warcraft or WOW as its known and if you know it then you must know that you really need a Gold to enjoy it better :) but did you know that there are people who takes this gold collecting as a career !!! yes there are actually people who collect or should i say farming the gold to sell it for real money on many websites and they do other services as well like leveling up the Chartres for you or gear them up … etc i mean playing a game for living that sounds awesome BUT not after this videos

And with these videos i end this Chapter.

Warning !!! تحذير

اكدت ادارة الارصاد الجويه في الكويت بأن سوف تهب عاصفه ترابيه في تمام الساعه الثامنه مساء اليوم   30/06/2011  و

ستنخفض الرؤية الأفقية إلي أقل من 500 متر وقد تنعدم في بعض المناطق (خاصة الصحراوية – المكشوفة) علما بأن سرعة

العاصفه ستصل الى اكثر من 55 كم/ساعة

A meteorological Department in Kuwait has confirmed that will be a dust storm today 30/06/2011 at eight p.m.

Visibility will be reduced to less than 500 meters have been non-existent in some areas (especially the desert – exposed) note that the speed of The storm will reach more than 55 km / h

الطقس المتوقع خلال 4 أيام القادمة

The Weather forecast for the next 4 days

جميع الاوقات بتوقيت المحلي مالم يذكر خلاف ذلك

All times are local unless otherwise noted


And with these words i end this Chapter.