Most Underpants Worn at Once

Guinness World Records are like iPhone Apps “There is an app for everything” and Guinness is on a streak of giving awards for just about everything. The Japanese are awesome and their shows are always funny. Here’s a Japanese man willing to put hundreds of underpants just for the fame. It’s funny, give it a watch.

Comic Con 2011 Preview

Comic Con International is a  traditionally a four-day event (Thursday through Sunday — though a three-hour preview night on Wednesday is open to professionals, exhibitors, and some guests pre-registered for all four days) held during the summer in San Diego, California, United States, at the San Diego Convention Center. The comic – Con is both the name of the annual event and the common name of the organization. Continue reading

iPad 2 Gets Blended

Ok you might not be familiar with Blendtec hosted by Tom Dickson, the crazy guy that pretty much blends with his precious blender just about anything. Electronics, books, devices, games, but not people. For his latest video, he blends an iPad 2!! Damn! looking at an iPad get blended hurts my inner geek.