My Favorite Things !!!

Many people just to get me so i have decided to write a post about some of my favorite things in no particular order to help you understand who is M.H 😛

Okay starting with my favorite movies that i watch

  • The bird cage
  • 21
  • Harry potter ( all of them )
  • Burlesque
  • You got mail
  • Hitch
  • My super Ex-Girlfriend 
  • Jack
  • Scary movie ( all of them )
  • Super Hero
  • Sister Act
  • The Fighting Temptation
  • Queen Of The Damned
  • Old Arabic Movies

And many many more movies that i cant really remember 😛

My Favorite Tv-shows

  • Friends
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • The IT Crowd
  • Two Brock Gris
  • The Penn And Teller – Fool Us
  • No Ordinary Family
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Being Human
  • The Secret Circle
  • Frasier
  • Parks & Recreations
  • Sabrina the teenage witch 
  • Fresh Prince i Bel-Air

My Favorite Shows

  • Cirque Du Soleil Shows ( All of them )
  • Jeff Dunham
  • Food Network Challenges

My Favorite Documentaries

  • Fight Science 
  • How The Universe Works
  • Clash Of The Gods ( Greek mythology )

My Favorite Video Games

  • World Of Warcraft – AKA .. WOW
  • Aion
  • Tomb Raider
  • God Of War
  • Prince Of Persia
  • Final Fantasy ( part  8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 13 )

My Favorite Music And Singers

  • Classical music such as ( Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff…. and many more)
  • Bond Girls
  • Ibrahim Tatlises
  • Bulent Ersoy
  • Evanescence
  • Michael jackson
  • Yara ( Arabic singer )
  • Shreen ( Arabic singer )
  • Cirque Du Soleil ( Sound tracks )
  • The Phantom Of The Opera

My Favorite Coffee Shops And Orders

  • Star Bucks –  ( 5 Shots Non Fat Extra Hot Latte )  ( Hazelnut Latte ) ( Vanilla Latte )
  • Costa coffee – ( Amarecan Coffee )
  • Coffee Republic ( Latte )
  • Second Cup ( Hot Chocolate )
  • Columbus ( Latte )
  • Cafe Supreme ( Hot White Mocha ) 

My Favorite Hobbies

  • Snooker
  • Drawing 1
  • Origami 1
  • Rollerblading
  • Composing / Playing / mixing / Listening to music

I have to stop here coz i could go forever on each category especially in ( movies and Music ) 😛

And With These Things I End This Chapter.

Origami with M.H


يوم الأحد كان يوم مميز مع زميلنا فى الدوام و فى البلوق محمد هدهود كالعاده محمد يفجأنا ابمواهبا المميزه من هذى الميزات اتقانه لفن طى الورق الأوريجامى ف  تم الأتفاق مع زميلنا محمد من قبل شركة (زين )أن يعطينا دوره يعلمنا طريقة عمل الأوريجامى وكانت خوش دورة صورتلكم أشوى من ايلى تعلمناه وبعض ألاشكال الى امسويها محمد صراحة كانت خوش دورة بتوفيق ان شاء الله محمد

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Heading to USA

What a day!!

I’m travelling to US my lovely country i can’t wait to be there, if you visit USA before then you know what i mean and if you don’t I’m sure everyone told you to visit this amazing country, few hours left for our flight, we travelling on Qatar Airways, first time flying on Qatar Airways for a long destination we heading to NY but we will stay in Qatar for 2 hours transit, we will stay in NY for 3 nights and then we will travel to Las Vegas 😀 for 10 Nights I know you are saying 10 nights to much but believe me it’s worth I’ve been to Las Vegas last year I stayed for 5 nights and i couldn’t do everything :) Vegas is not just for Gambling and Clubs if you want to do bad things you can do it every were, in Vegas you can do a lot of things like shopping believe me in Vegas it’s deferent and many shows you can attend and there is CSI The Experience which I will try it this time, thanks to AMA Traveler how told me about it.
After Vegas we will fly back to Kuwait, i will post about this journey Inshallah when I can if anyone knows secret places or even cool places in NY or Vegas your comment will be helpful 😀


Why !!!

Why is the one word that we all share about blog37, blog 37 is not another blog that we know , He is a friend , a colleague and a great support to us as he was the first person to welcome us in the blogging world and we have learned a lot from him and we still do so Nasser i hope that you take a moment and think about your readers and if you still want to quit we swear that we will bug you more than ever 😛  

Thank you BEST

After my horrible incident with my stolen stuff i found out that i could not live one more day without a laptop so i went to the BEST showroom in Al-Rai and i was amazed about the size and the organization of the showroom and my experiance with my purchase was so great, And i would like to to thank the staff there and specially Mr-Bijin paul “the salesman” , Mr-Kamal ” the showroom manager”, Mr-Meer Ali ” floor manager” and Mr-Sakurai the operation manager for the wonderful attitude and the discount 😉 you truly are the BEST.

And with these words i end this Chapter.

I got robbed !!!

The 2nd of November was a horrible day for me coz I got robbed in that day, My car was in the mosque parking !! I was doing the ( ma’3arb praying ) and by the Time I was done I found that my side window glass is smashed and my stuff were gone :( I reported that incidence to the police and I wish that they can catch the robber.

P.S these pix are not my car pix

And with this horrible incidence I end this Chapter.