TidyTilt the new amazing gadget

Dear Readers,

Today i would like to share with you a new product for the Iphone4 / 4S users that is different, efficient, reliable and it’s super thin

This product is called TidyTilt, It is indeed well designed to serve multiple purposes

With this cool gadget you can :

  1. Use it as a mount for your Iphone
  2. Use it as a stand for your screen
  3. store your headset

And since the frame of TidyTilt is Magnetized you can even use id in many different ways

And it’s available in 4 colors ( Blue – Pink – Green – Black )

And if you are till not convinced check this video :)

Be among the first globally to own one.
Phone /Whatsapp: 94019832
Twitter /Instagram:  @TidyTiltKuwait
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TidyTilt.Kuwait


And with this cool Gadget i end this Chapter.

New Limited Edition Beats Headphones

Beats is arguably the best headphones out there and now they’re making a new one on top of their existing line-up. Right now they have Beats, Solo, Solo HD, Studio and Pro coming in 3 different colors. This new headphone packs the same great sound with better noise cancellation and of course the all new design. This limited edition is made out of Leather and brushed aluminum and yes you guessed it, it is not your average headphone, it costs ($400) which is about 110 KD and no date has been set for its release yet.