CSI The Experience Las Vegas

When you get there, there are three cases to choose from.  You read the background of the case and decide which one you’d like to solve.  Case 1 involves a car crashing through a house, Case 2 involves a woman found dead in an alley, and Case 3 involves a human skeleton found in the desert., then they give you a piece of paper to write notes on we chose number 1 the green zone I don’t know why we chose that but it was cool :p You start off with reviewing the crime scene and write down what you see. We took this seriously, After this station you go off to the different labs to “analyze” your evidence. At the end of this section you proceed into the autopsy room to learn how your victim died, and then you enter all of your “findings” to solve the case. At the end you can pay 5$ to get a copy of the CSI agent certificate. we passed on this after one hour 😉 . I love it it’s something new and deferent if you love new things and new experience then you should do it.

It’s not allowed to take pics inside but I couldn’t resist 😛

Thanks to Amatraveller who told me about this :) 

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

After a wonderful 4 days in New York it’s time for Vegas to celebrate the new year :) the plan was to stay in Vegas for 10 days and for sure it was not enough 😀 we wanted to book the room in the Aria hotel but unfortunatly there was no room available so we took our colleague recommendation to stay at Planet Hollywood.

The harley davidson cafe located in Las Vegas strip Continue reading

I Love New York

 I always want to visit NYC all my friends talk about how beautiful and different this city is especially from girls, in my mind NY is just for shopping so our plan is to stay in NY for 3 nights and then go to Las Vegas, we arrived at 5 PM and the weather was so cold I was hoping that there will be snow but unfortunately there was no snow at all :( but this will not make me sad i’m in NY nothing will make me sad :) we took the famous yellow taxi to get to the hotel.

We have booked in the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan the hotel In the heart of Times Square and the Broadway St. The location was amazing Everything is within a few blocks making it very convenient for walking. For places too far to walk, many other modes of transportation are right nearby, so I recommend this hotel to everyone and the hotel will be my first choice in the future.

When we entered the hotel we search for the reception but we couldn’t find it, I don’t know is it weird or not the reception was on the eighth floor !! And Its elevators are high tech which I liked the computer picks up a quicker elevator you get in to go to the required floor, Those are all photos I have for the hotel sorry about that :( but I have a lot of photos of the area around us :)

I liked the McDonald’s sign in this way and with these lights :)

This is our daily night life place movieeeeeeees 😀 will write about all the movies I went to in a separate post, the movies I watched Twilight, Immortals and Sherlock Holmes on one of the movies I slept :) I will tell you the story later.

Now to a new experience, a helicopter 😉 really amazing also the view of NYC from the sky is fabulous who wants to go to New York don’t miss this tour it’s around 165 $

We attended Addams Family shows which was really funny the music was also greet it’s a musical comedy show don’t miss it, it’s around 65 $ and one minute distance from the hotel :p it’s not allowed to take pictures inside so I took from outside 

Now to the Christmas Eve we thought something special will happen but it’s not, who love shopping then he is fine :) because there is discounts everywhere, one thing we can do in Christmas it’s time for ice skaaaaaaaaaating ;D 

I enjoyed a lot in New York, it’s true that the atmosphere was very chilly but I enjoyed it, New York will be one of the most important destinations in my list, now I can say “l Love New York” ;D wait for my next post about Las Vegas and new year there 😉

Back from amazing journey

Back from beautiful country US to beautiful country Kuwait with the amazing weather this time of the year, happy new year to everyone and I hope you celebrated the New Year’s Eve like I did in Las Vegas with LMFAO, maybe I will write about this night later :p

It was 2 amazing weeks 3 nights in NYC and 10 nights in Las Vegas I know you are saying only 2 weeks is not enough but it was one of the most beautiful travels I had in my life and for 2 cities like NY and Vegas 2 weeks is enough, this is a first time for me in NY and the second in Vegas and I will say one thing I’m in love with NYC it’s really amazing.

I will post bout everything I did in NY and Las Vegas soon Inshallah I will write bout the restaurants, shows, movies, hotels … Etc.