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It’s my pleasure to announce the Launch of my new humble BLOG


I’ll be posting mainly about the things that can make me say WOW from art to music to creative ideas and talents and i will support and post about anyone with a talent to help giving the exposure.

Finally to answer your question NO, i didn’t quit Chapterq8.com but i did establish www.letmewow.com to focus more o the subjects i find interesting :)

you can reach me on

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And with these words i end this Chapter.

امسيات مشروع معا الكويت في التنمية

لا تفوتكم فرصة حضور امسيات معا و الي من خلالها راح نتعلم الكثير من ضبط النفس و متعه العطاء بالاضافه الى اني راح اكون مشارك فيها في مجال المواهب الشبابية بفن اسمه  الاوريغامي و اذا تحبون تعرفون شنو الاوريغامي حياكم بتاريخ 2 و 3 ابريل و المكان جامعه الخليج


And with these words i end this Chapter.

Games in Concert !!!

i found these videos of some orchestras playing some of my favorite sound tracks from games and moves ( very nice Fasla 😛 )

This is the theme song for Tetris game

This is the theme song of Final Fantasy 8

And i’m saving the best for the last This is from one of the coolest games ever Final Fantasy X

And with these videos i end this Chapter.

My Origami Collection !!!

ladies and gentlemen today i would like to share with you some of my origami collection that i made

1- T-REX

Difficulty level – Medium

Number of papers – 1 sheet

2- Crane

Difficulty level – easy

Number of papers – 1 sheet

3- Origami Box

Difficulty level – Medium

Number of papers – 2 sheets

4- Origami cube / flower

Difficulty level – easy

Number of papers – 6 sheets

5- The Spike Ball

Difficulty level – easy

Number of papers – 12 sheets

6- The Intersecting

Difficulty level – easy

Number of papers – 6 sheets

7- Origami Star

Difficulty level – easy

Number of papers – 6 sheets

8 – Ring / Star

Difficulty level – easy

Number of papers – 8 sheets

9 – The Swan

Difficulty level – easy

Number of papers – lost the count after reaching 450 sheets ;P



And with these models i end this Chapter.

T-Shirt Sketchbook

This is a very clever for all T-shirt designers out there. It is simple and pretty straight forward, a sketchbook to roughly draw what you have in mind. Being an artist, an A4 page usually confines me with T-Shirt ideas, the best way to actually imagine it is using or sketching out a T-shirt outline but now there is this sketchbook which pretty much resolves the issue.

The design was created by Burak Kaynak and you are interested you can buy it, it is only about 4.140 KD

The Work of Liu Bolin

Born in 1973, Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist. He studied for his BA at the Shandong University of Arts, Jinan, China, and he currently lives and works in Beijing, China. He says that ‘after graduating from school I couldn’t find suitable work and I felt there was no place for me in society’.

Instead he has started creating a series of art works, called ‘Hiding in the City’ which he describes as a commentary on his place in society, saying that he is ‘undervalued’ in his home country.

Liu Bolin creates scenes in which he is painted so that he blends into the background. Working with a couple of assistants, it can take up to 10 hours to create one of these images. Passers by can be unaware of him until he steps out of the background, breaking the almost perfect illusion, and gives them a shock!

He has travelled around the world, creating his amazing illusions in a number of countries. He says that he ‘experienced the dark side of socity, without social relations, and had a feeling that no one cared about me’. However as his work becomes increasingly famous and is seen by people all around the world, maybe those feelings will change. I suppose you have to ask if his increasing popularity will change his approach to his art…

And with these words i end this Chapter.

My drawings

Well lets see … I always wanted to learn how to draw and how to use the pencil like a professional I even got my friend Al-Bahar into it , we started to look for an institution to teach us the basics but somehow we never went : P however that did not stop me from trying to draw and here are some of my drawings : P

And with these words i end this Chapter.

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil is a world wide known show it is an exquisite talented show that i have ever seen, it is a real master piece everything in that show is unique ( the stories , the emotions / expressions on the stage , the costumes and the music ) not to mention that nothing is on play back it is all live performance that gives the show an amazing taste, there are many different acts under the name of ” Cirque Du Soleil ” and each act can stun you more than the other, even though that there is not a single word in the acts you will be able to fully understand the story behind it , i have seen most of Cirque Du Soleils show on DVDs unfortunately because i didn’t get the chance to watch them live :( and about the tickets, the VIP ticket for both of ” Alegria ” show  that held in Dubai and the ”  O  ” show in Las Vegas  was around 80 KD but it worth spending that amount on that unique art and talents.

And with these words I end this chapter.