Crest Whitestrips Professional Effects

We all want the perfect smile with a shining white teeth, Well personally i have tried may products but i have never tried going to the dentist coz i just don’t like them 😛 but i found the solution for that and that is (  crest whitestrips professional effects ) 

Crest has launched many different products i have crest whitestrips level 1 but i just used a few of them and didn’t really notice any different but when i tried the (  crest whitestrips professional effects ) ” level 3 ” it was a different story, i began to actually see the the difference in 4 days and now my teeth are white and i’m happy about them :) all you have to do is wear them for 30 minutes once a day :)


And with these words i end this Chapter.

8 thoughts on “Crest Whitestrips Professional Effects

  1. I don’t think using these is a great idea! youre going to use them for a month and your teeth are gonna be super white and believe me, everyone is going to notice that :p ! BUT the disadvantage, your teeth are going to hurt! A LOT! I asked my dentist and directly he told me why was I using them! theyre not good for the mena layer, it dissolves that layer quickly. I stopped using them 2 years ago but my teeth still hurt when i drink cold water :/

    • well the great thing about crest whitingstrips is that they are ENAMEL SAFE :) and if you follow the instruction you’ll be just fine
      1- don’t brush your teeth before using them – might coz your teeth to be very sensitive
      2- don’t apply the on your gums :)
      honestly i had a little discomfort on my teeth and i believe that it happened coz the strips were on my gums few times
      adding to that i already ordered another product from crest ( ENAMEL RESTORING ) tooth Paste :)

    • im sorry i don’t really know a place in kuwait however i saw it once in sultan center and it was level 1 so i ordered them from amazon and i got level 5 !! which by the way worked like magic

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