For those who love Michael Jackson

Ubisoft has done an amazing job with this game its Michael Jackson the experience i played it on PS3 and it was truly fun but yesterday i was goofing around in the appstore and i found that Ubisoft took another step with this game and made an Iphone version of it and its 2.99$ and around 750MB so you’ll need a WIFI connection to download it but its so cool,

The concept is a little different than the one on PS3 where you need to DANCE and move your body, in the iphone version its about your reflexes where you need do draw some signs as they appear in a random order/direction.

You will start with some free songs you can play and you can buy more songs and customs in the app and each cost .99$ and as a MJ super fan myself i did purchase all the gongs 😛 

And here is a video i found on youtube of someone playing the game and showing the songs and stuff :)

And with these words a end this Chapter.

One thought on “For those who love Michael Jackson

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