ELSOOR new card game !

Are you into card games ? even if your are not i bet you’ll enjoy this one

its a new card game branded by a bright kuwaiti mind MR-fahad

It will be released officially on the second week of P2BK at “fhd” booth from 13/3 till 19/3 :)

find out more on twitter & instigram : elsoorgame

and with this game i end this chapter.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Few weeks ago i was searching for a game that can puzzle me and make me think and work out my brain that’s when i came a cross ( The Testament of Sherlock Holmes ) the first thing that caught my eyes was ” Sherlock Holmes ” and instantly i knew that its going to be the game that i was looking for so i went to alrehab complex to buy it but as usual it was out of stock for the PS3 but there was a load of it for the XBOX so i ended up downloading it from the PS3.

the graphics of the game is not WOW but you will get hooked with it because of all the investigations / mystery / puzzles / and putting your own assumption to solve the case, its a game that worth to try for those who like this style.

P.s your first case in the game is not the real thing its more like a tutorial on how to set your mind in the game because it will eventually solve itself when you complete the tutorial but its not that easy with you go to the very 2nd case so give it a shot and if you already have let me know what do you think about it :)

And with this game i end this Chapter.

How about squash for a change

Most of my friends are a huge football fans and that kinda left me feeling like an outsider so i tried to learn about the teams and the game but i couldn’t and i really needed a game to play, move my body and burn some calories then i found it, It’s SQUASH its rules are very simple but yet its not that easy to play.

Here is a video explaining the rules of squash and if you are interested maybe we can play a game or if you already know it then i challenge you :)

And with this Game i end this Chapter.

Michael Jackson’s New game !!!

To all fans of Michael Jackson i give you the new GAME !! michael jackson the Experience.
UBISOFT Desided to release a new game of michael jackson even after his death :( and with this game everyone can live the michael jackson experience
the game has been released in many consoles like PS3 , XboX360 , Wii , PSP … basically it’s a dance game
were you connect the ( motion , connect , camera ) depends on your console and start dancing with and the game will detect your body movements and if you do the choreography right you get the points :) it is fun game.

And with this game i end this Chapter.