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It’s my pleasure to announce the Launch of my new humble BLOG


I’ll be posting mainly about the things that can make me say WOW from art to music to creative ideas and talents and i will support and post about anyone with a talent to help giving the exposure.

Finally to answer your question NO, i didn’t quit Chapterq8.com but i did establish www.letmewow.com to focus more o the subjects i find interesting :)

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And with these words i end this Chapter.

زين والوحش

تم دعوتي من قبل زين لمشاهدة العرض الخاص بالاعلاميين والمدونين اليوم وقد أبدعت زين بالسنة الثالثة علي التوالي بعرض يفوق التوقعات وبعيدا عن الاسفاف, فكان عرض كامل متكامل بالديكور والاغاني والابهار فيشد الاطفال ويوصل لهم فكرة العطاء بأسلوب محبب الي النفس بالرغم من قصة العرض كلاسيكية إلا ان الابهار في العرض مشابه لعروض دزني ولاكن تفوق عليه بأنه يوصل فكرة سامية للأطفال وهي فكرة العطاء بلاحدود

بأختصار ارى ان العرض من اجمل العروض وفرصة لاتفوت تضفي علي العيد جملا اكثر


Once again i bring you an amazing video of a very very creative young kuwaiti guys,

every thing is amazing in this video lighting, sound track, storyline , the act …..etc that is one flawless video and I’m very proud of you, keep it up guys

And with this amazing video i end this Chapter.

Zain’s Social Media Day

Last Saturday the 30th of June was zain’s social media day which was held in alhamra sky lobby on the 55th floor ” the view was amazing from up there “

we arrived around 4:30 with some friends and fellow bloggers around but suddenly we realized that the place was full of bloggers and celebrities and small business owners

The event started with omar al othman hosting and ruling the stage 😛

there was some competition , a draw and a lot of fun and then there was some experience sharing with some of the small business owners with the social media and how SM improved there business

then there was a stand up comedy show with شنوعني team 😛

and all that happened with an amazing hospitality of the small business

Everything was simply yummy and unforgettable so Thank you Zain for that amazing day, and i would thank my friend Fai9alR who provide us with these photos.

National Gaming Union (Ramadan)

There gonna be a new gaming tournament organized by the National Gaming Union who want to take gaming to the next level.

NGU will hold yearly & seasonal tournaments in major gaming genres such as fighting,
first person shooters and sporting games. Furthermore, NGU will provide a vibrant &
professional gaming experience in exciting venues with very generous awards where
participants and spectators alike can enjoy a socializing opportunity in a high-voltage
competitive environment.
NGU is also community that unites all gaming enthusiasts such as animators, gaming designers, software developers or simply gamers seeking an exciting gaming experience or opportunity to discover the latest in gaming titles and electronics.
The event will be under the name of “National Gaming Union” which will be held yearly
with possible seasonal opportunities. The event will consist of competitive gaming
tournaments that will be held throughout a (3) day period as such:

Day (1) Friday 27th July: Game 1: Street Fighter IV, Game 2: Ultimate Marvel vs
Capcom 3: Console: Xbox & Playstation 3
Sign up booth opens at: 1st July 2012-10th August 2012
Contest Starts at: 10:00pm
Awards: After Final game.
Closing time: End of competition.

Day (2) Friday 3rd August: Game 3: Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 3), Free For
All/Team Based, Console: Xbox & Playstation 3
Sign up booth opens at: 1st July 2012-10th August 2012
Contest Starts at: 10:00pm
Awards: After Final game.
Closing time: End of competition.

Day (3) Friday 10th August: Game 4: Fifa 2012, Console: Playstation 3 & Xbox
Sign up booth opens at: 1st July 2012-10th August 2012
Contest Starts at: 10:00pm
Awards: After Final game.
Closing time: End of competition.

Tickets Sales:
Price: 5 K.D. (Contestants ONLY) + all contestants get free prizes upon registering.
Viewers Entry: Free
Booth: Discovery Mall starting from 1st July to August 10th, open from 5:00pm – 10:00pm.
Contact Information: 97272392 (Ticket Sales) / 50683852 (All information)

Twitter Account: @N_gamingunion
Instagram: @N_gamingunion
YouTube Channel: Nationalgamingunion
Facebook Page: National Gaming Union

‎ Hona Al-Kuwait – هنا الكويت

عندما يحل الأمل محل الألم هو شعار الدعاية الوطنية “هنا الكويت” التي تبدأ بفجر جديد يطل على الكويت الحبيبة في شتى قطاعاتها و معالمها وبسواعد أبناءها ليعلوا بها في أعلى القمم هدف الدعاية الوطنية بأن يتم تذكير الكويتين بأن الكويت تظل جميلة على الرغم من المعوقات و الصعوبات و بأن على أكتاف ابناءها بأمكانهم أن يعلو من شأنها


And with this video i end this Chapter.

Sama Lounge : تجربتي مع

 وصلت لي دعوه من سما لاونج من قبل السيد فؤاد بورحمه  لتجربة المكان 

سما لاونج مكانه في السالميه , برج الراس نفس البرج الي فيه إلكتروزان الدور العاشر 

اول مادخلنا المكان علي طول لفت نظرنا المنظر العجيب الي تطل عليه سما خاصتاً ان احنا بالدور العاشر من غير تفكير طلبنا ان تكون طاولتنا صوب الدرايش :)

المكان وايد حلو وهادي مافيه لويه وازعاج, سما يقدمون جميع انواع الطعام بالاضافه للشيشه والي مايحب الشيشه الي انا واحد منهم فماراح تضايقك لأن المكان فيه شفاطات وايد للدخان 

ديكورات المكان وايد حلوه ومرتبه فماقدرت اقعد فرحت خذيتلي جم صوره للمكان

خيرونا ان نطلب من المنيو او ان اهما يختارون لنا علي ذوقهم فعشان مانحتار بالمنيو خليناهم يختارون لنا علي ذوقهم وكان اول الواصلين شوربة ماريسكوس حدها اعجبتني

بعد الشوربه نزلولنا هيروكين روبيان مع سلطة كاليفورنيا 

بعدها دخلنا علي الطبق الرئيسي مشروم ستيك 

طبق رئيسي ثاني دجاج مشوي

انا مو من الي يحبون العصاير بس العصير هذا حده عجيب 

احب اشكر السيد فؤاد بورحمه والقائمين علي سما لاونج علي دعوتهم لنا واتمنا لهم التوفيق 

Welcome KuwaitWhiteHat

Please allow me to introduce to you KuwaitWhiteHat – The first community site for Ethical Hackers and Information Security professionals in Kuwait. The site is a resource for Penetration Testers and Information Security practitioners who reside in Kuwait. KuwaitWhiteHat is now the ultimate resource for Information Security and Hacking news, in Arabic. The site is also a directory of security solutionsproviders who operate in Kuwait. KuwaitWhiteHat team cover and feature all security related conferences, exhibitions and events which take place in Kuwait. 

KuwaitWhiteHat team is also interested in raising public awareness towards online security risks. They plan to post regular Security Awareness messages in Arabic to aware the society of Online Security risks.
And with these words i end this Chapter.