Cirque du soleil

Last week i was in UAE with Caffeinated from 360dewan blog to watch the cirque du soleil Dralion show, We booked the tickets way before the show and we have struggled a bit to find the location of the show because we have been asking around and there was a guy that confirmed that we are in the right place but it felt wrong since there was no signs or what so ever and we just found the right place of the show just before 1 hour or so we had to rush there and we managed to get there in time :)

The show started at 10 pm and simply it was magical, every thing was amazing the music, the act , the customs, the audience interaction the live singing everything was just a pure art.

We couldn’t take any pictures from the show since it was prohibited just to guarantee the safety of the artists and not to distract them by the flashes of the cameras.

But don’t feel bad if you couldn’t attend the show here is a video of the show with some tiny differences than the one in the uae.

 And if you think that it’s just a normal show here is another video of how to get in the Cirque du soleil or even in their talent data bank

And with this magical show i end this Chapter.