Dear Friends & readers

It’s my pleasure to announce the Launch of my new humble BLOG


I’ll be posting mainly about the things that can make me say WOW from art to music to creative ideas and talents and i will support and post about anyone with a talent to help giving the exposure.

Finally to answer your question NO, i didn’t quit Chapterq8.com but i did establish www.letmewow.com to focus more o the subjects i find interesting :)

you can reach me on

E-mail        :  admin@letmewow.com

Twitter        :  @letmewow

FB page     :  letmewow

instagram  :  mh_letmewow

And with these words i end this Chapter.

Unlock The Mysteries Of Pandaria

Finally Blizzard has announced that the fourth expansion for World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria, will be released for Mac and PC on September 25. 

i know a lot of people are waiting this expansion so guys now it’s available to Pre purchase there is two editions standard for 34.99 € and digital deluxe for 49.99 €, with the digital deluxe you will get Imperial Quilen Mount, Diablo III – Banner Sigil and Accent and StarCraft II – Portraits

And the new things with this expansion level cap increased to 90, new class master the Path of the Monk, New Race Pandaren and with new map Pandaria

To pre purchase visit Blizzard.

Our WoW Arena Team

Dear Readers,

Its our pleasure to finally announce our 2v2 WoW Arena Team  ( FreakS )

That would be me 😛 ( Frost undead mage )

And this is albahar ( Retribution blood elf paladin )

As for our 3v3 we have a special someone with us

And we would love to try the 5v5 so who is interested ?? 😛


And with these words i end this Chapter.


Sorry Albahar :-/

I would like to apologize to my friend Albahar because i Made him addicted to best game ever (WORLD OF WARCRAFT) i now can tell that there is something magical about this game because i have introduced WOW to some friends and all of them had the same reaction at the begging when they saw me playing the game and how i got so many icons on the game screen they just hated it and as i recall one of them said “I’ll never play this game even if you pay me for it” and now he is one of few people who is well known in the game in my server :) and i just got my friend albahar in the game and i think that he just passed the point of no return and fell in love with the game because he told me that he want to be a PRO in both ( PVP & PVE ) and you would know them if you know the game :) however deep inside i’m just a happy devil, I just got another friend addicted to WOW ( and if you are wondering yes i have spoiled some friends ) 😛


And with these words i end this Chapter.

Looking For a Mouse ??

since i am addicted to ( World Of Warcraft ) i bought WOW MMO gaming mouse it has 15 buttons 6 buttons on the left and 7 on top and 2 on the right i may sound alot but trust me once you get used to it you can never leave it i can’t even imagin that i used to play wow with a regular mouse !! yes it is that good :) and if you like wow you may wanna get one of those.  


And these yellow stripes are actually lights and you can change thier color and thier blinking speed so it’s kinda cool


And with these words i end this Chapter.